We did it, Nannie is ADOPTED!

My Sweet Nannie Girl

I like to believe that we really got lucky with our first foster pup, Nan. She might have been a little scared and skiddish at first, but in less than two weeks we’ve had the opportunity to watch her blossom into a much more confident and happy go lucky dog!

In less than two weeks Nannie has learned so much. She has become trusting of new people, in fact she’s been greeting strangers with kisses and tail wags when they come in the door, a far cry from 2 weeks ago when she would run and hide in her crate. THANK YOU CLICKER TRAINING! She picked up on it so quickly, like most dogs do, and it helped her to associate new people with good things. In her short time here she has learned to sit nicely and wait outside of the kitchen with her foster brothers while her food is being made, she’s learned to sit for attention, and “sit” on cue as well as “down.” She has also learned to “wait” at the door before exiting the house as well as targeting her nose to my hand when I hold it down and say “touch.” She was also the first dog I have ever had that didn’t know how to play with a toy. It was a joy to watch her learn how to play with my two boys and to see her excitement when she was flailing her head around with a toy in her mouth. So sweet and smart, I know she’s going to make a great new dog for her new family.

Speaking of…. Nannie is going to live with a wonderful family. New mom H and new dad W as well as her new sister Josie will be adding Miss Nannie to their family. I got lucky with this adoption; H & W are both friends of mine from college so I’ll be able to see Nannie whenever I get to see them! How awesome is that?! Her new parents have already picked out a cute name for her too, Callie. I am doing my best to start calling her Callie so that she becomes familiar with it before going to her new home.  It’s tough though, I think she’ll always be my sweet little Nannie girl.

Lucky me! I get to spend two more days with her until her new family picks her up on Saturday and she goes to her new forever home. Then the hard part comes, having to say goodbye. Nannie is my first ever foster so I’m not sure how this is truly going to affect me. I know it’s going to be tough, and I’m probably going to cry, especially since I’m already getting a bit teary eyed typing this. I just have to remember this is what I signed up for, to help save her life and  to help her find a forever home to live happily ever after in. Although I will still miss her dearly…I’m sure she will always hold a special place in my heart.

So…here’s to Nannie, I mean Callie, on her new forever home! May she get to live the life she was always meant to have with a loving family who will give her the world! Thank you H & W for adopting this sweetheart, I know she will make a great addition to your family!



Brewer’s 7th Birthday

Birthday Boy Brew

Just wanted to take a minute today and wish my Brewer man a happy 7th birthday.  He is the first dog I got when moving out on my own and will always be special to me. He has taught me so much about separation anxiety & noise phobias (thunder, fireworks, loud bangs, etc). I got lucky that we lived where we did when we got him or else he wouldn’t be the well socialized dog he is today. I wouldn’t be able to use his “expertise” in helping to socialize puppies on proper play behavior with other dogs. His body language and clear cut signals have helped many puppies learn how to play politely. So after all of that, I really just want to wish Brewer (aka Brewer head, Brew face, Brew majors, Twinkle toes, Old man, stinky butt mcgee) a very happy birthday and I hope to have many many more with him!

Happy Birthday Brewer!

Love, Mom

First post, first foster

So, I decided to start a blog. Not just any blog, this blog will be about my love for dogs and dog training with a little bit of my life mixed in as well. For this first post I wanted to introduce you all to my first foster dog Nan (Nannie.)

Nan (Nannie)

When Nannie first came to us she was very sweet but a little scared of people and new situations. I don’t know her full background but I do know that she was not fed, socialized or taken care of well. When she first meets new people she’s very cautious and insecure, but once she gets to know you she loves to cuddle up next to you.  She is very dog friendly, and for not being socialized seems to know her manners and understand other dogs body language and signals very well.

I’ve introduced her to clicker training and she has taken to it like a champ! She is beginning to learn what I like to call “basic life skills” and in just a few short sessions she learned her first behavior “sit.” I then moved on to her second behavior “touch” (learning to target or touch her nose to the palm of my hand). I chose this as her second behavior because it can be useful in redirecting her attention in what she may find a scary situation, it can also help her to meet and greet new people.

Nan showing how she can "sit"

In just a few short days Nannie has come a looooooong way! I’ve watched as her confidence level in new situations and around new people has slowly started to rise. The first couple of new people who came to the house she hid  in her crate or behind me for a while before slowly peeking out to see what was going on. Even then she still wouldn’t approach anyone and kept her distance.  Just yesterday though, we had a couple other visiters come over and this time she didn’t run in hide. Infact, after they were settled on the couch for about 15-20 minutes she even built up the courage to go say “hi.” To them and get lots of love and affection in return.  She has also become a little more adventurous outside, running and playing further and further away from me. I cannot express in words the joy I feel when I see her running carefree.

Confident Nan enjoying a little romp in the yard

It’s only been a few days but this beautiful girl has already begun to blossom into one super sweet pup! She will be an amazing addition to anyone’s family! She would do best in a home with a brother or sister dog who will continue to help her build confidence! If you are interested in adopting this sweet Nannie girl go to Mutts Matter Rescue and fill out an adoption application http://www.muttsmatterrescue.com/adoption_app.html.