Training Tip Tuesday ~ It’s what you DO want

When it comes to addressing your dogs behavior problems most people tend to think of it like this: “My dog jumps on me all the time, I don’t want my dog to jump on me anymore.” We automatically think about what we don’t want our dog to do and this makes the solution to the problem seem much more difficult than it needs to be. Of course you don’t want your dog to jump on you, but what do you want your dog to do?

The first step in fixing a problem that you don’t want your dog to do (jumping, barking, chewing, pulling on the leash, etc.) is to think what you do want your dog to do instead. I know, you’re thinking “can it really be that simple?” Yes, it can be! For the dog who jumps on you when you come home, what do you want your dog to do instead? Let’s say you want a dog that comes up to you and sits to say “hi” and get your attention. Perfect! Now you know what you need to train in order to fix the problem. You need to teach your dog that sitting for attention works better than jumping up for your attention.

If you approach each problem behavior with the same mind set, “what do I want my dog to do instead of (insert annoying behavior here)?” Then the solution will be much clearer and easier to work on.

Old man Brewer knows all about what to DO!

Our 2nd foster’s in the house ~ Meet Luke!

He is an 11 month old foxhound who is as sweet as can be! We’ve only got him for a short period of time, but he’s already made himself right at home. Greeting anyone who walks in the door with tons of kisses and loads of charm. Who couldn’t fall in love with a cute face like this?

Luke is most definitely a hound dog, when outside and he hears a weird sound or catches a weird scent, he’ll stop, lift his front paw and do the classic point! When in the same room as my bird Mia, Luke has always got his eye on her. Watching her every move just in case…

Checking to see what Mia is up to.

Luke has recently recovered from a hip injury he received before he was rescued and came to Mutts Matter Rescue, but you couldn’t tell! He runs, jumps and frolics all around the yard without even hinting to the fact he used to have a rod in his hip. What a lucky boy!

Luke enjoying the outdoors!

Luke is also very dog friendly. He loves to run and play in the yard with both of our dogs here at the house. Our “old man” Brewer isn’t quite as enthusiastic about Luke’s puppy antics and tends to get a little grumpy, but that doesn’t bother Luke. He just shifts gears and turns all his energy into playing with Bailey who is happy to oblige! Today is Luke’s 4th day in our home but you would think that with the way that he and Bailey play. You’d think that they’ve been friends for years! They get along famously.  So if you’re looking for a playmate for your current dog at home, Luke may be the one!  If you are interested in adopting Luke, just visit Mutts Matter Rescue and fill out an adoption application.


Photo Friday ~ “Woe is me”

Our first “Photo Friday” is a picture of my Clicker Savvy Canine Bailey. He was pouting on the couch cause his momma was chatting with a friend busy on the phone ignoring him and he wanted to play.  Accompanying this oh so sad face were annoying adorable vocalizations that were his way of saying “woe is me” or in boxer talk “woo woo woo”.

“Woo woo woo… woe is me”

Valentine’s Day Pet Safety Tips

Hello Everyone! Long time no posts I know. Shame shame. It’s been a hectic couple of months with all of the holidays and the start of a New Year. Can you believe it’s February already? Sheesh…I hope this isn’t a precursor for how quickly 2012 is going to go.

That being said, I was asked to write a short entry for the Mutts Matter Rescue Newsletter and I chose the topic of Pet Safety and Valentines Day.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday full of love and joy, but if you’re not careful it can also include a trip to a local vet hospital. This Lover’s Holiday can be full of potential hazards to your four-legged family members. Foods, flowers, gift wraps and candles can pose a threat to your pets well-being.

Many of you will receive chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but remember that chocolate is toxic to pets. The darker the chocolate, the more toxic it becomes and the more serious adverse reactions it can cause. Large amounts of chocolate can cause severe sickness or even death so please make sure to keep it up and out of the reach of your pets.

Flowers, such as lilies, can be toxic to cats. Roses can also be dangerous for dogs or cats. If a pet were to bite, step on, or swallow a stem they would be at risk of being punctured by the thorns. Similarly, giftwraps such as cellophane, ribbons, bows, and balloons can be a choking hazard if your pet tries to consume it.

Candles are also a big part of celebrating Valentine’s Day. If eaten, the wax can cause upset stomachs, vomiting, diarrhea and choking. Don’t forget to keep lit candles up and out of the reach of your pets, we don’t want them to catch their happily wagging tails on fire! Also be sure to blow out candles before leaving your home or turning in for the night.

Last but not least, don’t forget to enjoy your holiday with your pet! Provide them with delicious pet friendly treats or a Valentine’s Day themed toy to keep them occupied while you are entertaining your guest(s).

Happy Valentine’s Day!