Our 2nd foster’s in the house ~ Meet Luke!

He is an 11 month old foxhound who is as sweet as can be! We’ve only got him for a short period of time, but he’s already made himself right at home. Greeting anyone who walks in the door with tons of kisses and loads of charm. Who couldn’t fall in love with a cute face like this?

Luke is most definitely a hound dog, when outside and he hears a weird sound or catches a weird scent, he’ll stop, lift his front paw and do the classic point! When in the same room as my bird Mia, Luke has always got his eye on her. Watching her every move just in case…

Checking to see what Mia is up to.

Luke has recently recovered from a hip injury he received before he was rescued and came to Mutts Matter Rescue, but you couldn’t tell! He runs, jumps and frolics all around the yard without even hinting to the fact he used to have a rod in his hip. What a lucky boy!

Luke enjoying the outdoors!

Luke is also very dog friendly. He loves to run and play in the yard with both of our dogs here at the house. Our “old man” Brewer isn’t quite as enthusiastic about Luke’s puppy antics and tends to get a little grumpy, but that doesn’t bother Luke. He just shifts gears and turns all his energy into playing with Bailey who is happy to oblige! Today is Luke’s 4th day in our home but you would think that with the way that he and Bailey play. You’d think that they’ve been friends for years! They get along famously.  So if you’re looking for a playmate for your current dog at home, Luke may be the one!  If you are interested in adopting Luke, just visit Mutts Matter Rescue and fill out an adoption application.


5 thoughts on “Our 2nd foster’s in the house ~ Meet Luke!

  1. I was his first foster mom and it is great to be able to follow his progress! He looks so happy. He is such a sweetheart, he will make a great addition to a family. Thank you for helping him.

    • Hi Meg! Heard lots about you. He IS super sweet and gets along great with my boys. He is going to make a family very happy and if they have a dog he will make a great buddy too!

  2. I see adoption pending! I am so happy for him, I really loved him and Bo…this makes it all so worth while!

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