Harley Boy ~ Adopted!

It seems that fosters don’t stay long here. Not that it’s a good or a bad thing, it’s just a fact. As I’ve mentioned before, this place is only a transition from a former not so great life to a new happy forever life of being non-stop loved. Last week my “little one” made that journey. He is now in his loving new home enjoying his new life with his family. We couldn’t be happier for him and can’t wait to get the updates from his new mom in the near future. Congratulations Harley boy!

Getting lots of love from his new mom!

Congratulations Harley!

There are always more pups like Harley looking for their forever homes. If you are interested in adopting, please visit Mutts Matter Rescue and check out some of their adoptable dogs.

Photo Friday ~ Meal Time

Clicker Savvy Canines Brewer and Bailey know the easiest and fastest way to get their dinner on time is to wait patiently outside of the kitchen. They know that their 4 paws must be on the carpet and that they must either be sitting or laying down waiting for their release cue “go eat” before they can enter the kitchen.

Is dinner ready yet mom?

When foster dogs come into our home, there is no exception. Of course the first day or two can be a little tough or frustrating and there is a lot of trial and error involved, but by day 3, 4 and 5 they know the drill! Here you can see our most recent foster pup Harley sitting patiently waiting with his foster brothers outside of the kitchen for his food to be prepared. Such good boys! Go eat!

Say Hello to Harley!

Hi I’m Harley!

Last Thursday we got to pick up our 4th foster pup Harley. He came to Mutts Matter Rescue with his brother Marley & sister Carley (also up for adoption).

Me and my siblings Carley & Marley.

The vet thinks I am some sort of Lab mix… possibly with a Basset Hound since I have extra floppy ears, a longer body, and shorter legs than the average Lab pup. More and more everyday though, my foster mom believes I could even be mixed with a Standard Dachshund (doxie). I am a young pup although my age is questionable, when I was first brought in they thought I was a 10 week old pup weighing about 10lbs but the vet thinks my teeth show I might be a few weeks older than that 14, 16 or ever 18 weeks. Either way I am still a puppy and love to play!

It’s kind of hard to see but my body is a little longer than most Lab pups.

My foster mom say’s I’m super sweet. Although my name is Harley she keeps calling me Little’n (Little one) and her little Shadow. I love to follow her wherever she goes. It’s fun cause a lot of the times I hear this “click” sound and treats magically fall from the sky. Foster mom say’s those are special training sessions but sometimes she catches me off guard when I’m laying down quietly and treats still appear at my feet! I know how to “Sit” and do this thing called “Touch” where I touch my nose to my foster mom’s hand and get a click and treat. I’m also learning this thing called “Down” too. Foster mom say’s these things will help prepare me for my new home. I don’t mind cause I get yummy treats and lots of pets and loving when I do them!

I know how to “Sit”

So far my foster mom say’s I have been wonderful. So wonderful in fact that she keeps telling foster dad that if I don’t find my forever home soon it’s going to be really hard to let me go. I am also a GREAT snuggler! Whenever I am ready for a nap I will just crawl into your lap and go to sleep. If I can’t crawl into your lap I will lay on your feet to keep them warm or if foster mom picks me up and puts me on the couch, I like to curl up right next to her to help keep her warm.

Love to snuggle up with foster mom and take naps

Foster mom say’s that I’m great in the crate whatever that means?! I just like it cause when I get put in the crate I get this yummy cold red thing that tastes like peanut butter and when I’m done with it, I’m ready for a nice nap so I just quietly go to sleep. Apparently I take long naps cause sometimes I go to bed and it’s dark out and then when I wake up foster mom say’s good morning and the sun is out again! I’ve already started learning new things to. I really like my foster home but foster mom say’s that I have a forever family out their waiting just for me! Is that you? I promise to love you forever!

If you are interested in adopting Harley, his brother Marley, or his sister Carley, please go to Mutts Matter Rescue and fill out an adoption application.

Former Foster Update ~ How is Callie?

Remember Nan (Now Callie)

I know some of you were expecting Part 2 of Grooming for Training Tip Tuesday but we just had to share this lovely update we received about our first foster Callie (formerly Nan of Mutts Matter Rescue). Her mom wrote:

“Callie (previously Nan) has been with us for almost 6 months now and has definitely gotten used to her new lifestyle! The first couple weeks were a little rough as we were still confirming her training and adjusting our schedule, she was getting used to her new home, and Josie was getting used to having a little sister. She is now comfortable with our routine, loves the house,  neighborhood and farms,and most importantly loves her big sister!

Callie loves her big sister Josie

I get ready for work in the morning and take the dogs out before I leave. She quickly learned to come inside and sit on the big rug we have by the door, waiting for her paws to be cleaned and dried. Then they’re released and run back upstairs, especially hyper if it was a bit nippy out 🙂 They play for a few minutes and then quickly turn to snoozing or sunbathing in the bedroom while Wes works. He finishes his morning reports and then goes looking for the girls to feed them breakfast. Lots of times they’re both disappeared and crashed out in the bed for their late-morning nap and have to be woken up again to eat! They spend the rest of the day playing and cuddling together, with a lunchtime walk on nice days. Callie’s gotten really good on the leash, especially with her easy walker!
Callie loves chewing on ropes, bones and her star mark ball and she and Josie trade off periodically when one looks more appealing to the other. They ‘talk’ to each other when they both want a toy and it’s sitting in neutral territory and each has a paw on it. We crack up listening to them until one breaks down and looks away or grabs it! They’ll also play tug of war. When one gets tired, they lay on the floor or in the dog bed and get drug across the floor. It’s especially hilarious when little Josie is pulling Callie around, who is at least twice her size!

This bed is big enough for the both of us!

She has become quite the princess (her sister was a good teacher) and loves to lay on as many pillows as she can find, or snuggle on some throws when it’s colder. She’s also decided that she really enjoys cuddling with us while we watch TV or a movie on the couch. When she first came home with us, she would squirm away to her own side of the couch or lay on the dog bed or floor. Now she strives to be the center of attention like Josie. She gives good kisses too 🙂
Weekends are usually spent at the farms which give the dogs plenty of time for walks, play and exploring. At my parents’, she learned really good recall and even learned to jump some of the horse jumps in the ring! At my father-in-law’s, she plays with Taz and Tootsie (two big labs) and goes for long group walks in the woods. She’s still contemplating joining the other dogs in the pond for a swim! She’s gotten to meet a lot of family and friends and is becoming more and more comfortable with strangers, especially when her big sister supports her.
We’re preparing to build a deck and patio and fence in the yard which will give them more time to play while we work and eat dinner out on the deck in the nice weather. She’s settled in to our family extremely well and knows she is well-loved!”

I couldn’t be happier for Callie, she has gotten so big since I’ve seen her last and has become quite the lady. Loves her sister and her parents and getting an update like this was perfect!

Would you like to add a dog like Callie to your family?  Visit Mutts Matter Rescue and check out some of their adoptable dogs.