Why I Blog

Hi my name is Joanne (but everyone calls me Jo), I am a positive reinforcement, clicker savvy dog trainer in Maryland. I started my own business in 2011, Clicker Savvy Canines, LLC, after several years of training, education, and mentoring with fellow trainers including Jules Nye of Sit Stay & Play.I initially started blogging as a way to get the word out about dogs I would be fostering until they found their forever homes. I thought….”Hey, I’m a trainer, I would be a great candidate for fostering dogs coming into rescue with unknown backgrounds. I could help all different types of dogs from: puppies that need socialization, to adolescent dogs that need to learn basic life skills, to abused and frightened dogs that just need to learn how to trust and be loved.” And so it started… my first blog. At first, my posts were focused around my first “Clicker Savvy Foster” Nan (now Callie), who I will never forget.

Nan (now known as Callie)

She was a shy girl, sweet but fearful of people due to an abusive past. She slowly learned that not all people were scary and over time that people brought warmth, love, and yummy food. She went to a loving home that understood they needed to be patient and kind, and now she loves her new life with her parents and older doggie sister Josie.

Callie and her older sister Josie

After Nan was adopted, I had a lull in fosters (and blog posts). I didn’t know what to do, so on Friday’s (Photo Friday) I decided to start posting cute and fun pictures of my two dogs Brewer (a terrier mix) and Bailey (a white boxer). They are the original Clicker Savvy Canines and I don’t think I would be where I am without them (and the support of my husband too of course).

My Brewer man

My Bailey boy

After a couple of Photo Friday posts, I thought that I would be able to take another foster in, but things came up and I had to put it on hold for a little while. That’s when I decided to try to incorporate more training type posts into my blog. So, I started “Training Tip Tuesdays.” My goals with these posts are to keep them short, sweet, and informative. To address different topics and provide tips to help pet owners with common issues at home with their dogs. I wish I could post every Tuesday but I haven’t gotten there just yet. I promise to do my best and hope that with time I will be able to blog more frequently. With every new foster, there will be foster related posts, and in between those, more fun pictures and training posts.

Well, now you know a little about me, my life, my business and my blog. Welcome, and enjoy!

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