Photo Friday ~ Scrub a Dub Dub Two Dogs in a Tub

Hello there! It’s been a while I know but I went on a mini vacation a couple weeks ago and came home to a sick dog suffering from stomach issues and allergy issues at the same time. I had to take care of my boy so the blog sort of faded to the background for a little while. But I’m back and it’s Photo Friday! With the allergy issues baths were our first attack in helping remove any environmental irritants on the skin. My Bailey boys is an all white boxer but when he gets wet, these cute spots magically appear and you could swear he’s was part Dalmatian in another life!

Mom, don’t take pictures you’ll embarrass me.

I don’t like it when my spots are showing.

Finally done, where’s my treat?

In this house, when one dog gets a bath so does the other. I forgot to take pictures of Brewer actually in the tub, but isn’t he super cute wrapped up in his towel after?

I love bath time but come on mom finish drying me off so I can do my after bath zoomies!

Have a great Friday everyone!!!!

Photo Friday ~ Meal Time

Clicker Savvy Canines Brewer and Bailey know the easiest and fastest way to get their dinner on time is to wait patiently outside of the kitchen. They know that their 4 paws must be on the carpet and that they must either be sitting or laying down waiting for their release cue “go eat” before they can enter the kitchen.

Is dinner ready yet mom?

When foster dogs come into our home, there is no exception. Of course the first day or two can be a little tough or frustrating and there is a lot of trial and error involved, but by day 3, 4 and 5 they know the drill! Here you can see our most recent foster pup Harley sitting patiently waiting with his foster brothers outside of the kitchen for his food to be prepared. Such good boys! Go eat!

Photo Friday ~ Sabrina cuddles

Baylee (formerly known as Sabrina of Mutts Matter Rescue) takes some time to cuddle with her new big sister Carly. Baylee is adjusting well to her new home and we’re looking forward to more updates & pictures from her new family soon!

Baylee snuggles up with big sister Carly for an afternoon nap.

Would you like to find a snuggle buddy for your family pet? Visit Mutts Matter Rescue and check out some of their adoptable dogs who love to play and snuggle with other dogs!

Photo Friday ~ Gentle Play

Here’s a short picture story line of our Clicker Savvy Canine Bailey playing gently with our MMR foster pup Sabrina. Bailey is usually a rough and tumble type of guy. He’s very physical and very verbal when playing with older dogs that he knows well. But when it comes to puppies, Bailey takes on a different persona and becomes a gentle dog who knows how to control his body. Sabrina takes full advantage of this at times and will climb on him or playfully bat him in the face, but Bailey doesn’t seem to mind. In this series of pictures Bailey is laying down and using only his head, paws and gentle jaws to play with Sabrina… check it out!

Does you dog play nicely with other dogs? We’d love to hear some stories…


Photo Friday ~ ClickerExpo Manners

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the ever so awesome ClickerExpo to help expand our knowledge on animal behavior and of course clicker training! This weeks Photo Friday shares a couple pictures we took of some of the many well mannered pups we were lucky to of met while soaking up tons of information in presentations or training labs.

A great example of how "settle" on a mat can be useful in public.

Service-dog Julia in a relaxing down while her owner takes notes during a presentation.

Crate training is not just for the home environment. This dog is relaxed and comfortable in her pop up travel crate while another dog is demoing for a lab.