Brewer’s 7th Birthday

Birthday Boy Brew

Just wanted to take a minute today and wish my Brewer man a happy 7th birthday.  He is the first dog I got when moving out on my own and will always be special to me. He has taught me so much about separation anxiety & noise phobias (thunder, fireworks, loud bangs, etc). I got lucky that we lived where we did when we got him or else he wouldn’t be the well socialized dog he is today. I wouldn’t be able to use his “expertise” in helping to socialize puppies on proper play behavior with other dogs. His body language and clear cut signals have helped many puppies learn how to play politely. So after all of that, I really just want to wish Brewer (aka Brewer head, Brew face, Brew majors, Twinkle toes, Old man, stinky butt mcgee) a very happy birthday and I hope to have many many more with him!

Happy Birthday Brewer!

Love, Mom