Bandit’s Been Adopted!!!

That’s right folks! Many of you guessed right after seeing our post on Friday. Little baby Bandit has officially gone to his new home!

I'm going to my forever home!

I’m going to my forever home!

His new forever dad (“P.“) couldn’t be happier. He is looking forward to taking Bandit (now named George) on tons of great adventures. He mentioned running, hiking, camping and trips to the beach in the summer. I must say I’m a little jealous! I think George is going to make it to the beach before I do this year.

I get to go where?

I get to go where?

George isn’t going to be the only dog in the house, you see George’s new dad lives with his sister “C.” and her dog “Chug the pug.” At the meet and greet they hit it off great! C. said she hasn’t seen Chug play like this with another dog in a while, “it’s like he’s a puppy again.” P. even said that he is adjusting well, sleeping mostly through the night and sitting by the door when it’s time to go potty. What a smart boy!

Pshh.. Yeah! Of course I'm smart, my foster momma taught me well.

Pshh.. Yeah! Of course I’m smart, my foster momma taught me well.

P. also mentioned that he would be bringing George back by in a week or two just to visit for some extra socialization and see his foster brothers again. Being the foster mom, I think this is FANTASTIC! I love getting messages and pictures from my former fosters families with updates on how well they are doing. With George living fairly close, I get the bonus of seeing him in person too! Yipee!

Foster mom, you couldn't stay away from a guy as cute as me!

Foster mom, you couldn’t stay away from a guy as cute as me!

I couldn’t be happier for George and his new family. They are going to have tons of fun on all their adventures and who could’ve asked for anything better than that!  Good luck my “little badass” I hope you live a long, happy, healthy, and adventurous life with your new family!


Bandit and I about a week before he was adopted. Gonna miss this kid.

Just like that, Sabrina is Adopted!

We have come to notice when fostering in my house that our foster pups don’t stay with us very long. It’s both good and a bad at the same time. First the bad (and it’s not really even bad at all): I feel like I’m just getting to know the dogs well enough and they are finally getting into a rhythm with us. They start to learn the rules of the house and get into a daily schedule, which makes things much easier for us. Then they are gone! Also, being a trainer, sometimes I wish I had a little more time to teach them a few more things before handing them off to their new forever homes. Plus…I.Just.Love.Dogs. Having one more in the house (once they start to get the hang of things) just feels right. Shhh… don’t tell my husband.

The good part though, is that the dog gets to go to their forever home that much faster! My house is only a transition from the dreadful life they had before to an amazing life they will have after and that is OK. I truly am happy for all my foster dogs when they go home! It’s a bittersweet feeling and hard to explain unless…well…you’ve done it too. With all that being said let’s get back to my most recent foster Sabrina!

Sabrina was picked up this past weekend by her new mom K and one of her new human sisters. They were wonderful people and were so excited to take Sabrina home. They had been previously approved by Mutts Matter Rescue and were just waiting for the right dog to come along. Sabrina is going to live with her new parents, 3 human siblings (two brothers and a sister) and a doggy sister too. They explained how they live on a huge property that contains a plant nursery and that Sabrina would have not 1 but 3 ponds(!!!) that she could play in! I couldn’t help but to think how perfect this would be for her since just days ago when we had that 90+ degree day in MD, Sabrina figured out it was super cool to play in her water dish and lay in the mess fresh water to cool herself down. She is going to be SUCH a water dog, just like her new doggy sister Carly (who is a lab mix).

Sabrina and I the morning before she left to go to her forever home. 🙂

Couldn’t be happier for this darling girl and can’t wait to get updates from her family about how much she’s growing and how well she is settling in.

Are you interested in adding a dog like Sabrina to your family? Visit Mutts Matter Rescue and check out some of their adoptable dogs.