Did You Say 2 Foster Puppies? Part 2: Meet Bandit

On Monday I introduced everyone to the first of my two current foster puppies Gypsy. Today I am going to introduce you to my second and younger foster puppy Bandit.

Meet Bandit, a 9 week old 11lbs Black Labrador Retriever Mix. It’s he a cutie?



See my white markings on my chest (my two back paws have white on the toes too).

See my white markings on my chest (my two back paws have white on the toes too).

Bandit came to be fostered with me on a complete whim. He, along with his siblings were rescued out of a shelter just in the brink of time. Can you believe these guys were slated to be *gasp* put to sleep! The shelter was over crowded and unfortunately because they were all black puppies they were seen as being less adoptable and were put on the list. Ever heard of Black Dog Syndrome or Black Dog Bias? It’s a bias where black dogs (and cats) are often passed over for adoption in favor of their lighter colored shelter mates. It’s a very sad thing indeed.

How could someone not want to adopt me?

How could someone not want to adopt me?

Funny thing is, I'm not all black. Can you see the brown tint to my coat? It's very pretty in the sunlight!

Funny thing is, I’m not all black. Can you see the brown tint to my coat? It’s very pretty in the sunlight!

Anyway, now that Bandit has been scooped up and placed into a loving foster home, he is getting a great start on life. As like most puppies Bandit’s age, he is full of energy and constantly on the move. He loves playing with his foster sister Gypsy. If they aren’t playing together, they are napping together. At first foster mom & foster dad referred to him as a little “spitfire” cause when he was awake, he was just go-go-go! Now that he’s gotten used to the routine around the house and is kept on a fairly steady schedule, he has begun to calm down and get into the swing of things. Like Gypsy, he is also learning some of his basic life skills. He knows how to “sit” and target “touch” your hand and is currently learning how to “down.” He knows how to “sit” for his food and for attention too. Potty training is getting better every day. He has learned what the “potty door” is and when he needs to go out he will walk over to it and paw at it to be let out. Foster mom *knocks on wood* and dares to share that he hasn’t had any accidents in 2 days! Crate training is also taking place and he is doing fairly well with that.

Practicing "sit" with my foster sister Gypsy and older foster brother Brewer.

Practicing “sit” with my foster sister Gypsy and older foster brother Brewer.

All-in-all, Bandit is an all around adorable pup. He is very self confident and likes to adventure out and investigate new things. No holding back with this puppy, he will be a great companion to an active family who is willing to put his energy to good use.

If you are interested in adopting Bandit or his foster sister Gypsy,  please go to Mutts Matter Rescue and fill out an adoption application.

Bandit cuddling with his foster sister Gypsy

Bandit cuddling with his foster sister Gypsy

Did You Say 2 Fosters Puppies? Part 1: Meet Gypsy

Hello there, I know… it’s been a while. At least 6 months in fact since my last blog. Life got a little bit busy on me and unfortunately this blog fell to the back burner for a little bit. Hopefully, now that I’ve gotten a few things taken care of I can get back to blogging on a regular basis. With that being said… did you see the title? Yup, you read that right, it say’s 2 foster puppies. That’s right, we’ve started fostering again and decided to just jump in feet first and take not 1 but 2 foster…PUPPIES!

Meet Gypsy a 3 month old 25lbs Shar Pei mix. She is the first of the two foster puppies I will be introducing to you on this blog in the next day or so. Isn’t she adorable!

Sweet Gypsy Girl

Sweet Gypsy Girl


Gypsy came to be fostered with me because she needs to build her confidence with herself and around new people. She was a VERY shy girl when she first came to stay with us but is slowly but surely coming out of her shell. The first day didn’t want to come out of her crate, and if she did venture out, she kept her distance from us humans but was perfectly comfortable playing with her 3 foster brothers. Over the next few days, we made sure when she met new people that they remained calm and let her come to them. When she did, she was rewarded with yummy treats. Every day she started getting more confident. She started to play with toys and solicit attention from me and foster dad. She has also had the opportunity to visit a few new dog friendly places around the area and have positive associations with strangers in public as well. She has made A LOT of progress over the last 8 days. For the first time this weekend, a new person came to visit the house and instead of walking away and hiding under the table or sitting behind/beside foster dad and me, she approached our guest with tail wagging and gladly accepted a yummy treat and a gentle pat underneath her chin near her chest and around her shoulders.**Note: We made sure to tell people not to move quickly and reach over her head because actions like that (although seem perfectly normal to us humans) can be a little scary and even threatening to a timid/shy dog**

Gypsy gathered all these toys one by one before settling to play with them

Gypsy gathered all these toys one by one before settling to play with them

Along with building her self confidence over the last week, Gypsy is now also completely potty trained. She hasn’t had 1 accident since she’s been here with us, and when she needs to go, she approaches you with a wagging tail and a little whimper to get your attention before walking towards the “potty door”. She is also learning her basic life skills. She knows how to “sit” and target “touch” your hand (only of people she knows, not so much strangers). She is also learning how to “down” and seems to be responding fairly well to her name in “recall.” These are all things that can be transferred to her new family when she gets adopted.

Gypsy working on "Sit" with her foster brother Bandit.

Gypsy working on “Sit” with her foster brother Bandit.

She is going to make a wonderful addition to someone’s family. She has not yet been tested with kids under the age of 7yrs old. But with children who understand that they need to be calm and approach slowly she has done fine. We are also recommending that she go to a home with another dog. I don’t think Gypsy would be making as big of progress as she is today without the help and confidence of her foster brothers. Sort of a “monkey-see monkey-do” type thing. If the other dogs approach something new and scary without any sign of anxiety or worry, Gypsy is less anxious or worried to approach as well. It’s a win-win for her.

Gypsy cuddling on the dog bed with her older foster brother Brewer.

Gypsy cuddling on the dog bed with her older foster brother Brewer.

If you are interested in adopting this sweet Gypsy girl go to Mutts Matter Rescue and fill out an adoption application http://www.muttsmatterrescue.com/adoption_app.html.

Stay tuned for our next post on our 2nd foster puppy Bandit.  He is a cutie!



Harley Boy ~ Adopted!

It seems that fosters don’t stay long here. Not that it’s a good or a bad thing, it’s just a fact. As I’ve mentioned before, this place is only a transition from a former not so great life to a new happy forever life of being non-stop loved. Last week my “little one” made that journey. He is now in his loving new home enjoying his new life with his family. We couldn’t be happier for him and can’t wait to get the updates from his new mom in the near future. Congratulations Harley boy!

Getting lots of love from his new mom!

Congratulations Harley!

There are always more pups like Harley looking for their forever homes. If you are interested in adopting, please visit Mutts Matter Rescue and check out some of their adoptable dogs.

Say Hello to Harley!

Hi I’m Harley!

Last Thursday we got to pick up our 4th foster pup Harley. He came to Mutts Matter Rescue with his brother Marley & sister Carley (also up for adoption).

Me and my siblings Carley & Marley.

The vet thinks I am some sort of Lab mix… possibly with a Basset Hound since I have extra floppy ears, a longer body, and shorter legs than the average Lab pup. More and more everyday though, my foster mom believes I could even be mixed with a Standard Dachshund (doxie). I am a young pup although my age is questionable, when I was first brought in they thought I was a 10 week old pup weighing about 10lbs but the vet thinks my teeth show I might be a few weeks older than that 14, 16 or ever 18 weeks. Either way I am still a puppy and love to play!

It’s kind of hard to see but my body is a little longer than most Lab pups.

My foster mom say’s I’m super sweet. Although my name is Harley she keeps calling me Little’n (Little one) and her little Shadow. I love to follow her wherever she goes. It’s fun cause a lot of the times I hear this “click” sound and treats magically fall from the sky. Foster mom say’s those are special training sessions but sometimes she catches me off guard when I’m laying down quietly and treats still appear at my feet! I know how to “Sit” and do this thing called “Touch” where I touch my nose to my foster mom’s hand and get a click and treat. I’m also learning this thing called “Down” too. Foster mom say’s these things will help prepare me for my new home. I don’t mind cause I get yummy treats and lots of pets and loving when I do them!

I know how to “Sit”

So far my foster mom say’s I have been wonderful. So wonderful in fact that she keeps telling foster dad that if I don’t find my forever home soon it’s going to be really hard to let me go. I am also a GREAT snuggler! Whenever I am ready for a nap I will just crawl into your lap and go to sleep. If I can’t crawl into your lap I will lay on your feet to keep them warm or if foster mom picks me up and puts me on the couch, I like to curl up right next to her to help keep her warm.

Love to snuggle up with foster mom and take naps

Foster mom say’s that I’m great in the crate whatever that means?! I just like it cause when I get put in the crate I get this yummy cold red thing that tastes like peanut butter and when I’m done with it, I’m ready for a nice nap so I just quietly go to sleep. Apparently I take long naps cause sometimes I go to bed and it’s dark out and then when I wake up foster mom say’s good morning and the sun is out again! I’ve already started learning new things to. I really like my foster home but foster mom say’s that I have a forever family out their waiting just for me! Is that you? I promise to love you forever!

If you are interested in adopting Harley, his brother Marley, or his sister Carley, please go to Mutts Matter Rescue and fill out an adoption application.

Just like that, Sabrina is Adopted!

We have come to notice when fostering in my house that our foster pups don’t stay with us very long. It’s both good and a bad at the same time. First the bad (and it’s not really even bad at all): I feel like I’m just getting to know the dogs well enough and they are finally getting into a rhythm with us. They start to learn the rules of the house and get into a daily schedule, which makes things much easier for us. Then they are gone! Also, being a trainer, sometimes I wish I had a little more time to teach them a few more things before handing them off to their new forever homes. Plus…I.Just.Love.Dogs. Having one more in the house (once they start to get the hang of things) just feels right. Shhh… don’t tell my husband.

The good part though, is that the dog gets to go to their forever home that much faster! My house is only a transition from the dreadful life they had before to an amazing life they will have after and that is OK. I truly am happy for all my foster dogs when they go home! It’s a bittersweet feeling and hard to explain unless…well…you’ve done it too. With all that being said let’s get back to my most recent foster Sabrina!

Sabrina was picked up this past weekend by her new mom K and one of her new human sisters. They were wonderful people and were so excited to take Sabrina home. They had been previously approved by Mutts Matter Rescue and were just waiting for the right dog to come along. Sabrina is going to live with her new parents, 3 human siblings (two brothers and a sister) and a doggy sister too. They explained how they live on a huge property that contains a plant nursery and that Sabrina would have not 1 but 3 ponds(!!!) that she could play in! I couldn’t help but to think how perfect this would be for her since just days ago when we had that 90+ degree day in MD, Sabrina figured out it was super cool to play in her water dish and lay in the mess fresh water to cool herself down. She is going to be SUCH a water dog, just like her new doggy sister Carly (who is a lab mix).

Sabrina and I the morning before she left to go to her forever home. 🙂

Couldn’t be happier for this darling girl and can’t wait to get updates from her family about how much she’s growing and how well she is settling in.

Are you interested in adding a dog like Sabrina to your family? Visit Mutts Matter Rescue and check out some of their adoptable dogs.

Photo Friday ~ Gentle Play

Here’s a short picture story line of our Clicker Savvy Canine Bailey playing gently with our MMR foster pup Sabrina. Bailey is usually a rough and tumble type of guy. He’s very physical and very verbal when playing with older dogs that he knows well. But when it comes to puppies, Bailey takes on a different persona and becomes a gentle dog who knows how to control his body. Sabrina takes full advantage of this at times and will climb on him or playfully bat him in the face, but Bailey doesn’t seem to mind. In this series of pictures Bailey is laying down and using only his head, paws and gentle jaws to play with Sabrina… check it out!

Does you dog play nicely with other dogs? We’d love to hear some stories…