Sweet Luke ~ Adopted!

That’s right folks, lucky boy Luke has found his forever home! Some of you guessed right away from the picture I posted Friday. That was Luke and his new adoptive brother Apollo enjoying the now daily ritual of people watching from their front door.

Luke & Apollo people watching

According to his new momma, Luke is fitting right in. He is enjoying his new bed…


Cuddling with his new human family members…


Lounging with his new brother Apollo…

Just lounging with my brother.

Luke’s new family say’s that

“The boys have been having fun! …As you can see they tire each other out pretty well.”

Apollo taking a much needed nap after ruf housing with Luke all day.

Thoroughly enjoying his new life like any rescue dog should, I couldn’t be happier for Luke. It seems that this was a perfect match for him and his new family. Can’t wait to hear about all the adventures they’ll be having in the future!

I love my new brother.

Congratulations Luke, you deserve it!

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