Photo Friday ~ Sabrina cuddles

Baylee (formerly known as Sabrina of Mutts Matter Rescue) takes some time to cuddle with her new big sister Carly. Baylee is adjusting well to her new home and we’re looking forward to more updates & pictures from her new family soon!

Baylee snuggles up with big sister Carly for an afternoon nap.

Would you like to find a snuggle buddy for your family pet? Visit Mutts Matter Rescue and check out some of their adoptable dogs who love to play and snuggle with other dogs!

Photo Friday ~ ClickerExpo Manners

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the ever so awesome ClickerExpo to help expand our knowledge on animal behavior and of course clicker training! This weeks Photo Friday shares a couple pictures we took of some of the many well mannered pups we were lucky to of met while soaking up tons of information in presentations or training labs.

A great example of how "settle" on a mat can be useful in public.

Service-dog Julia in a relaxing down while her owner takes notes during a presentation.

Crate training is not just for the home environment. This dog is relaxed and comfortable in her pop up travel crate while another dog is demoing for a lab.


Photo Friday ~ Breakfast Jug

Almost every morning I fill this up with kibble for my dogs breakfast.

Mmmm... breakfast kibble.

Every morning Bailey adamantly works at it to get the kibble out.

He drags it...

Paws at it...

And picks it up and drops it...

While Brewer patiently waits for dropped pieces of kibble and for Bailey to finish. Then it’s his turn but Brewer tends to take a different approach.

First he paws at it to get it in the perfect position...

Then he gets comfortable and then while holding the rope with one paw...

Brewer turns, twists and tips the jug with his other 3 paws till...

The jug is empty and both boys are happy, full and starting to get sleepy…

All gone, I think I'll settle for a nap, what about you Brewer...

You go ahead Bailey, I've gotta clean my face first!

What are some creative ways you feed your dog his meals during the day? Let us know and leave a comment!

Photo Friday ~ “Woe is me”

Our first “Photo Friday” is a picture of my Clicker Savvy Canine Bailey. He was pouting on the couch cause his momma was chatting with a friend busy on the phone ignoring him and he wanted to play.  Accompanying this oh so sad face were annoying adorable vocalizations that were his way of saying “woe is me” or in boxer talk “woo woo woo”.

“Woo woo woo… woe is me”