Photo Friday ~ Scrub a Dub Dub Two Dogs in a Tub

Hello there! It’s been a while I know but I went on a mini vacation a couple weeks ago and came home to a sick dog suffering from stomach issues and allergy issues at the same time. I had to take care of my boy so the blog sort of faded to the background for a little while. But I’m back and it’s Photo Friday! With the allergy issues baths were our first attack in helping remove any environmental irritants on the skin. My Bailey boys is an all white boxer but when he gets wet, these cute spots magically appear and you could swear he’s was part Dalmatian in another life!

Mom, don’t take pictures you’ll embarrass me.

I don’t like it when my spots are showing.

Finally done, where’s my treat?

In this house, when one dog gets a bath so does the other. I forgot to take pictures of Brewer actually in the tub, but isn’t he super cute wrapped up in his towel after?

I love bath time but come on mom finish drying me off so I can do my after bath zoomies!

Have a great Friday everyone!!!!