Adorable Dora Has Been Adopted!

Being as aDORAble as she was, Dora was only with us for a little less than two weeks. She just needed a place to crash until she met her forever family. Which just so happens to be a part of my extended family. That’s right, my sister-in-law “REP” fell in love with Dora the moment she met her. She had been contemplating getting a second dog as a playmate for her current high-energy dog Max.

Dora and Max

Dora and her new brother Max

“REP” has seen many of my fosters come and go but this sweet girl in particular just stole her heart. She was waiting for the right type of dog that would fit in her family and Dora just happened to be the one. “REP” and her boyfriend “B” are contemplating a name change for Dora but haven’t found the right one just yet.

022Dora will be living with “REP”, “B” and Max in their home with a nice big back yard to run and play in. “REP” takes Max everywhere she can and she plans to do the same thing with Dora. She also is excited to have a larger breed dog that can accompany her on longer walks and runs around the neighborhood.

025The best thing about Dora staying in the family is that she gets to come visit and play with her former foster brothers now new “cousins” Brewer and Bailey whenever she wants. Although I am sad to see Dora leave my home, at least I will still get the opportunity to watch her grow up with my sister-in-law. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of Dora’s forever home! Congratulations Dora!




New Foster Puppy ~ Meet Dora!

Meet Dora, a 15lbs, 12/13 week old black lab/shepherd mix of some kind. She is the only female and the runt of her litter of 4 who came to Mutts Matter Rescue when she was 8wks old. She is currently looking for her forever home, could that be you?



Dora, is a super sweet and super smart little girl who will do almost anything for food! She is a dream to work with and train because of her motivation to work for food. Dora is already potty trained, crate trained, and knows how to “Sit,” “Touch” (touches her nose to the palm of your hand), “Down” and is even learning “Paw” which we may change to a “High-Five” behavior if she’s with us long enough.


Speaking of food, Dora is a VACUUM. She gobbles down her food so fast you question if you had even fed her at all. She is now eating her food strictly out of food dispensing “busy” toys. This is to help slow her eating process down while also enriching her ever growing mind.

Dora is a FANTASTIC cuddle buddy. She loves to curl right up next to you on the couch for a good nap, and if you’ll let her, she’s be sleeping in bed with you every night as well. Currently she is sleeping through the night on a dog bed that is on the floor in the bedroom.

108If you are interested in adopting Dora,  please go to Mutts Matter Rescue and fill out an adoption application.


Gypsy Girl Has Been Adopted!

We did it! Almost 2 months after I picked up a very shy and timid puppy from the vets office to begin her foster life in our home, Gypsy has been adopted!


Gypsy the second day we had her.

Gypsy had come a long way since the first day I picked her up. From the girl who wanted nothing more than to hide in her crate or shy away from anyone who wasn’t on 4 legs to the girl who would happily greet you with a wagging tail and kisses to say “hi” when you walked in the door. Her confidence grew more and more everyday she was with me. In the final weeks I really got to see WHO Gypsy really was. She was a very calm, sweet, and somewhat goofy little girl. She loved to play fetch, with anything really but especially tennis balls and would gladly bring the ball back to you, drop it in your lap, and wait for the next throw. She has a beautiful smile that could just melt your heart and that’s exactly what she did to her new forever family. (See below)


Gypsy’s Happy Face!

Gypsy was lucky enough to be adopted into a lovely family that was looking for a playmate for their current dog Rosie. Gypsy and Rosie hit it off wonderfully at their meet and greet and I’m sure will be the best of friends as they go through life being spoiled by Mr & Mrs. M. and their two daughters. Gypsy’s 2 new human-sisters were also very excited that Gypsy would be joining the family and were sharing stories about how they will be taking her on walks and playing catch with her when they get home. I truly believe that Gypsy has found her perfect forever family and couldn’t be happier for her.

Gypsy with one of her new 2 legged sisters in her new collar & harness ready to go home.

Gypsy with one of her new 2 legged sisters in her new collar & harness ready to go home.

I will miss you tons my sweet Gypsy girl. You’ve definitely got a spot in my heart that is forever yours. Congratulations to you and your new family, I know you will be the perfect dog for them!


Bandit’s Been Adopted!!!

That’s right folks! Many of you guessed right after seeing our post on Friday. Little baby Bandit has officially gone to his new home!

I'm going to my forever home!

I’m going to my forever home!

His new forever dad (“P.“) couldn’t be happier. He is looking forward to taking Bandit (now named George) on tons of great adventures. He mentioned running, hiking, camping and trips to the beach in the summer. I must say I’m a little jealous! I think George is going to make it to the beach before I do this year.

I get to go where?

I get to go where?

George isn’t going to be the only dog in the house, you see George’s new dad lives with his sister “C.” and her dog “Chug the pug.” At the meet and greet they hit it off great! C. said she hasn’t seen Chug play like this with another dog in a while, “it’s like he’s a puppy again.” P. even said that he is adjusting well, sleeping mostly through the night and sitting by the door when it’s time to go potty. What a smart boy!

Pshh.. Yeah! Of course I'm smart, my foster momma taught me well.

Pshh.. Yeah! Of course I’m smart, my foster momma taught me well.

P. also mentioned that he would be bringing George back by in a week or two just to visit for some extra socialization and see his foster brothers again. Being the foster mom, I think this is FANTASTIC! I love getting messages and pictures from my former fosters families with updates on how well they are doing. With George living fairly close, I get the bonus of seeing him in person too! Yipee!

Foster mom, you couldn't stay away from a guy as cute as me!

Foster mom, you couldn’t stay away from a guy as cute as me!

I couldn’t be happier for George and his new family. They are going to have tons of fun on all their adventures and who could’ve asked for anything better than that!  Good luck my “little badass” I hope you live a long, happy, healthy, and adventurous life with your new family!


Bandit and I about a week before he was adopted. Gonna miss this kid.

Photo Friday ~ The Right Shot

It’s not so easy getting “the right shot” when taking pictures of dogs, especially puppies. They tend to get excited over the fact that you have treats and want to move around and do what they can to please you. I think on Wednesday, I took over 20+ photo’s to get this great side-by-side shot of my two current fosters Gypsy and Bandit.

Final Product! Gypsy & Bandit.

Final Product! Gypsy & Bandit.

Just for the fun of it, I thought I would share with you some of the outtakes that were still good but not GREAT!


Brewer snuck into the background and the light source was blocked.


Still cute, but I wanted to get a shot where you could see the size differences in the pups.


Both dogs not paying attention t me at all!


Another great contender for “the right shot” but with Bandit slightly in front of Gypsy you couldn’t really compare the size all that well.

Like I said there, were TONS of other shots with the dogs in motion and blurry, or with my other two dogs being nosy and sneaking into the picture without me noticing. Taking tons of pictures and having a little patience goes a long way though. Sometimes you end of with an unplanned gem like the one below with my two boys (Brewer and Bailey) and my foster girl Gypsy.


**Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be a photographer by any means, I just try my best to get good pictures for the sake of this blog :)**

Gypsy and Bandit are available for adoption through Mutts Matter Rescue.  If you are interested in adopting one (or both) of these cuties please visit the Mutts Matter Rescue page and fill out an adoption application.